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Revolution *warning: adult words that some people will find offensive*


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But i dont care. This is art. Art should be free of all limitations. I do not speak these words to anger. Rather awaken. No offense is intended, though im afraid some will find offense where none is meant. Here we go....

Its mystifying

And terrifying

To see the world on its knees

Its confusion


No blank slate

Words scrawled on the wall

So much hate



Black, white, fawning.

Lies from a .38

Political correction

Diabolical infection

Only cure is to amputate


Its horrifying

Its mind defying

When did the clock


Too late




To global domination

King rat

Queen sheep

Lockstep to extinction

We all see

We don’t care

Keep breathing this foetid air

Killing words

Stinking lies

We all heard

No denies

It comes as no surprise

60,000 lie dead

60 children shot in the head

Its so common

Its so nice

To read of equal rights

Its a shame

Whos to blame

Nazis, niggers or kikes

f@&#!ts, police,

Or the ones who hold their leash

If its justice you seek

Its a crying shame,

Theres no help here

Just someone to blame

So pass on by

As they keep selling the lie

That all is right

All equal in gods sight

Its inevitable

The night

That’s descending on us all

Together we fall, divided we stand.


Termination, divination

Its easy to see the outcome of this equation

No crystal ball

No message in the cards

Is all out front

But no one cares.


Signal to virtue

While the untold millions

Sing their unheard song.

Glory to God

In his kingdom of heaven

But the devil on his throne

Rules this dominion.


Believe in fear, injustice

Agony, defeat.



Fire from the sky

Try to survive

But no one


gets out of here alive.


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I will want to read this more than once but it is well written and interesting.

Thank you. I actually woke up with the first bit going through my head like a dream. I wrote them down and the rest followed.



Seems like you found your dream wave. I await to see what you'll create with your words now that you've caught the drift and wrote bits of your memory before your dream memories faded back into dream land.


I keep a dream sleep journal. I used to have a pencil and notepad on the night table which reminded me to think about my dream sleep when I awakened. I started recalling the visions in my dreams a bit better because I knew that pencil and notepad were there for me to.


I will be interested to see what you inner story of your wisdom brings to light in your next words.


I only post stuff that is relative to what I have read. I keep my journal for references to help work out daily life. And dream sleep has helped resolve daily stuff rather then have strange dreams and mysterious realms.


I began to study birds recently. I discovered Ravens while in a national park. I dreamt about a bird and my memory of childhood when I picked up an injured bird and took it home to see if Mom could fix it's broken wing. It was a big black bird like a Raven. I think it was a Crow though.

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I just had a dream we found a sparrow in the belly of a dessicated dog. The sparrow was Conway, this baby sparrow we found when i was little. It was missing half a beak cos a cat got at it and we had to feed it milk soaked bread. Weird. I have started writing though. I started a book about a cowboy, Ive got like, paragrpahs here and there and then pages.....hoping to tie it all together in the end.. Thanks for your words Pagafyr.

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You're welcome.


Your recent dream sleep views suggest your transition from your early youth to now, now that you have more experience. Having become more aware of stages of learning in life you've reached a better understanding.

To be able to interpret your dream sleep views it is best to write them down. Minor interruptions from our rest while dreaming can cause us to lose focus on what we are dreaming about, like a television set switching off the show we're watching to present us with a commercial can cause. Only a pause in restful state of our dream may cause us to lose our focus and when we return to dreaming we may have missed part of it.


After a few weeks of practice recalling my dreams; I had been recording my dream sleep and I began to recall more of the dream like a piece of a puzzle was realigned. On one occasion I got tangled up in my bedding, it was irritating to me, but it was not enough to wake me thoroughly, I went right back to the dream to find it was a memory from my past.


I recalled I was working out a problem I had during the previous day. While working on the problem I needed a tool. I couldn't find it, for the life of me. In the dream I was having I saw where a tool was I thought I had lost.


It had gotten tucked into the car seat by my elbow where the back rest and the seat merge but are separate. I found it in the morning. I was so stressed by the fact I lost it, I was relieved because the dream showed me where I had seen a glint off the handle which was barely sticking out. I wrote down what I recalled. Then I became more relaxed after the dream made sense after I wrote it down. I went back to sleep quickly sleeping for an hour or two more because I wasn't worried about it anymore and because I didn't have the stress worrying me about finishing the job or to have to save up some money to go buy another one.

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