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problem with skyrim VR


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Hi everyone

I have been using vortex to add mods and playing Skyrim without any problem but suddenly

i have experienced problem lagging when i try to run Skyrim with mods attached from sksevr_loader

the problem like this video

this is the issue

and when i run Skyrim without mods its run very good without any problem

i reinstall skyrim and vortex twice and the problem remain the same and even i delete all the mods

and the problem is still i install clean vortex and

just install and apply Skyrim Script Extender VR (SKSEVR) the problem appeared

i select the sksevr_loader and skyrim vr exe from GPU to run from the external GPU and the problem is still existing

i dont have any issues with the links because all games run smoothly the problem is appeared with i run skyrim with script extender vr even i placed it manually without vortex into the game and the problem still

so please can you help me with this

thank you

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