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Morrowind Modding Again


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I've installed 2 graphics mods for Morrowind goty edition and they are not working, I saw this was an issue several years ago in 2016 as well and followed the post saying to install the mods to another dir outside of the game's. I did that and the mods still wont work! How can I get them to work?


- indi

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If you could be more specific as to which two mods don't work we might be able to help you further.


You can also right-click on one of the mods and select "Create Report" - this will generate details about the mod you can add to your post to show us what's happening with it. e.g. https://privatebin.nexusmods.com/?71bad6482380e41b#9NXha9ELV9nvSsmyhEnwgkN6s5sNHJeqV6JVdM9u6stW

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