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Mouse Smoothing/Acceleration on PS4


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I'm trying to play this game with a PS4 controller on the PS4 console version of Fallout 4 but the game by default has this terrible issue with the aiming that I think is called aim acceleration or mouse smoothing. Either way it feels awful and I prefer raw input. I looked to see if there was a console mod that could fix it and it looks like there isn't. Is there any way for me to fix this on console or am I just screwed out of luck? Thanks.

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Heyas ThoughtShift :)

I started playing this game on a PS4, and then moved over to playing it on PC. That was about 4 years ago. I do not even know HOW to play the game with a keyboard, I have played this entire time using a controller.



The game itself has no settings to tame acceleration. My video card, has no settings to tame acceleration. There are no mods you can add to the game, that effectively do it.


But, there's light at the end of the tunnel!

What we controller players need to do, is add mods to our controllers. And that is where KontrolFreeks come in.


They offer two sets of products that will help you out HUGELY.


First is these things. https://www.amazon.com/KontrolFreek-Precision-Assist-Control-PlayStation-Controller/dp/B08TRMS8PS/ref=sr_1_3?crid=31P89LAXE3O3Q&keywords=kontrol+freek&qid=1660396824&sprefix=kontrol%2Caps%2C1094&sr=8-3

They are small foam rings that when you put them on your joystick, create resistance. This resistance actually slows how fast your pointer/targeting moves. The more resistance that you put on your stick, the slower your pointer will move.

The different colors, offer different amounts of resistance, so I DEFINITELY recommend getting the combo pack, so that you can experiment around with which ones work best for you personally.

It took me a couple of hours to get used to these, and play around with the different resistances. But once I did, OMG, I CANNOT play WITHOUT them now!


Now, that will offer you the most bang for your buck to fight the problem. But they also offer a second line of products that will also help. They are snap-on controller extensions.

Longer stick will increase your precision of movement. So adding one of these to your right stick, makes it easier for you to put the crosshairs where you want them, now that it's not flying halfway across the screen when you push on your stick.


This is a combo pack with a short and medium extension. Tho if you visit their store, they have a pretty large selection. https://www.amazon.com/stores/KontrolFreek/page/D9E430A8-6E39-4C2F-8D81-E548BF2E76B5?ref_=ast_bln


Some players prefer dome tips (convex, domed OUT) while some players prefer concave (domed IN). I'm kinda on the line. I like having a domed Out tip for shooter games, but a domed IN tip for driving type games. That part of it, is all on you, as for what you prefer. So keep the packaging when/if you order these, so that you can send them back through Amazon, if you think you'd prefer a different style.


Usually... I say "I hope this helps!". But in this case, I guarantee that this will help you out! ;)

Happy gaming!


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Hello thank you for your reply. I appreciate your advice and I will look into those but I think mostly what I was referring to is fixing it from an in game standpoint. I read that on the PC version there are INI tweaks that you could make that would disable the aim-acceleration/mouse smoothing feel when you look around. My problem is that I play the game on console (PS4) and I was wondering is it possible to tinker with the game in that way on this platform? The PS4 version of Fallout 4 has tons of mods available to download from the menu screen but I haven't seen any for this issue. Is it even possible that a modder could make one that would fix this or is it just something that console players will have to live with?

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Hi Again ThoughtShift :)


You're welcome, glad to try to help put a fellow joystick player. ;)


I understand where you're coming from, of wanting to try to fix it from in game. But please also understand what I mean, when I said that I had played with the problem of the curser being too hyper-speed for four years.

Not just with this game, but also other shooters, and Grand Theft Auto V.

I have tried the .ini edits for PC. Doesn't work. At least not for me. :( I've tried some 3rd party progs that are supposed to help out with it, but they either don't work with my pad, or don't work with FO4. :(


And on a console, you are left with even fewer options :(


At least on PC, we have Bullet Time mods, that can slow down time in the game, and give us time to aim better, but sadly... I did not see any of those available for PS4 on bethesda.


Literally the only fixes that I have for it, are to tackle it Mechanically. Either to invest in an expensive controller, like the equivalent of a Xbox Elite Series (which have bad reliability, durability) which have manual adjustments that you can make to the joystick itself, mods that I suggested that reduce the amount of travel of the stick, or require more pressure to move the stick, but that's literally all I myself have found, in 4 years of trying to fix this problem.


If anybody else knows of something that works, PLEASE chime in. I'd love to hear about it, and test it out if there's a PC version too.

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