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Vortex makes a new "mods" folder


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I am in the process of modding my GTA 5, but have run into a problem with the Vortex mod manager. The manager makes a new "mods" folder and then deletes the old one.


How do i turn this off, so it doesn't make a new "mods" folder?


// Skyszcake

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Looking at the source code (https://github.com/Nexus-Mods/game-gta5/blob/master/src/index.tsx#L561) this may be done intentionally.


If you want to use mods not managed via Vortex, you may be better to install them manually.


Unless there's a specific use case you can describe where you'd want to be able to use both for some reason?

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I try and explain my problem in bits.


Gta 5 uses a modding folder, here you can modify files without modifying the orginal. The game uses this folder, as it primary afterwards. (So if you mess up in the modding folder, just can always come back to the orginal.)


The problem is then: Vortex creates a fresh modding folder and deletes the other one


The solution: Is to disable Vortexs creation of the new modding folder.

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