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Implementing Custom animation with specific condition


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Hi all!

I made a pack of a new animations for the characrer (no replacement) to play every time that player aproach closely to an NPC, so in that moment the players move a bit his shoulders to evade the npc.

I like to know how can i trigger the animation in that condition. I'm a noob in that kind of things. Don't know if i have to use Dynamic Animation Replacer, Animation Motion Revolution or an other thing.

I want to play the animation when:

Player is not in combat

The animation depends of the speed of the player (walk, run or sprint)

The player colision with the npc from right/left/forward/behind.

Is there a way to do that?

Thank you!

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First you need to insert those animations into the game, this means you need to decide which way you will go, will you be using DART, FNIS, etc...? Not all of them do the same things, and you can choose one way to go, exept of course if you will get into the trouble to make your animation mod competible with all.

If those animations were 'replacers' things would be pretty straight forwards and fast, insert > go in game to test > you are done.

If those animations were things like for example 'Poses', things would be a little bit more complicated (for a newbie), but again you it would be something simple like: insert animations > create quest for keybord's key registration > go in game to test > you are done.

Now, those animations won't be triggable by the player (for example: On key down play animation), or part of a controlled scene (for example: Triggered by a trigger box or a part of a scripted quest scene), but the animations will play on the player's character under certain conditions on a random cell, random time, random everything, this means that in a way you want those animations to be handled by the game/engine.

Well, the good news is that it can be done, the bad news is that things become a little bit more than just complicated even to an experienced modder that knows his way around CK.

Unfortunately my friend this isn't a case that I could write you in a few words a solution, for example: How to do the example you described, by just adding a script here and pressing a button there and you are done, and considering that you have a pack of animations, the solution that worked for your example will not work for the rest of the animations and they may need a completely different approach.

* Things here are way too complicated and requires a modders that has excellent knowledge of CK and is an expert in scripting/coding CK elements, so that the provided knowhow can be applied by the modder.

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Honestly, a cloak ability, as much as I hesitate to promote those, is likely one of the better routes. Basically have it active when not in combat, and nearby npcs get checked via your cloak aura. When distance close enough, do whatever. The whatever could be set within a condition in the animation trees, so not necessarily need an animation framework if you can find unused anims to replace, though if you cant find any suitable ones, yeah, you might need a framework to add new ones


Simple as the project sounds like it might be, to have such a subtle thing, is indeed an involved goal

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