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Word Riddles


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Three self-made word riddles. Good luck!






A student named Edmond wanted to gain entry to a very particular literature club at his college. Barricading his way was the very strange and offbeat word game that the club president posed to potential joiners. Considerably difficult, the game went unbeaten by many hopefuls. Despite this, Edmond felt sure that he could get in.


Edmond went around the college campus and asked everyone who had tried to join the club their thoughts on the game, especially the ones who won and were able to join. Frustratingly, the answers he got didn’t seem to help him find any sort of pattern to the words used in the game. Getting exasperated with seemingly useless results from his questionings, Edmond embarked on an even more hellacious mission of self-analysis.


“Hellacious”, appropriately enough, also described his mental state after about two weeks into his examinations, much to the concern of his friends. In a month’s time, he was close to giving himself a nervous breakdown. Just in time to prevent this was one of his friends named Kate. Kate was a very comforting, supportive person, and she eventually managed to get Edmond to calm down over the course of a couple of days.


Like all of Edmond’s other friends, Kate was worried about his wellbeing. Moreover, she begged him to abandon his efforts to enter the literature club he so desperately wanted to join. Nevertheless, Edmond resumed his attempts at discovering the secret to the word game once he had stabilized enough.


Over the course of another two months, Edmond diligently worked at uncovering the game’s pattern. Predictably, he still found no discernible patterns even after those months had passed. Quandaries abounding, he finally thought one day that he should forget about trying to join the club, as heartbroken as it would make him. Rattled a great deal more than he ever thought possible by the whole ordeal, it seemed that he would make good on that thought.


Sadly, fate was not done tormenting young Edmond quite yet. Taunted in his dreams by his failure to solve the word game, he persisted in his struggle in spite of his better judgment. Using what brainpower and sanity he still had left, he worked extremely hard on the game until one day, he found what he surmised to finally be the pattern he had hunted so tenaciously and for so long.


Veritably overcome with emotions of relief and happiness, Edmond hurriedly sought out the literature club’s president, who began the game when Edmond announced his intention to try and join the club. When Edmond proved his theoretical pattern correct by winning the game, the president said that he had to discover the hidden meaning behind one last word since he had shown himself to be a cut above the rest by actually solving the game. “Xenon” was the word.


Young Edmond vowed to discover what the word concealed and spent all his free time working on its decipherment. Zoology classes in his college major appeared to be the only things that could momentarily distract him from his task of beating the club president’s final challenge.



I suppose this just goes to show that everything has some kind of pattern. Hmm...you know, even those paragraphs up there appear to have a pattern. Perchance you could tell me what pattern that is?






Allow all whimsical machinations of my imagination to assail your mind with a showing of a particular kind – an amusingly odd paragraph! I’m curious if you can find just what ordains this paragraph as an oddity. Truly, quirks qualify a vast amount of paragraphs as fantastical products of whacky fun, manufacturing tons upon tons of humorous stimulation that maintains immortality by lying within a cocoon of stunning hilarity known as human thought.






I have a very peculiar wheelbarrow here. You see, my wheelbarrow can only hold certain items. For example, my wheelbarrow will hold ginseng, but not rice. My wheelbarrow will hold a cleric, but not a priest. My wheelbarrow will hold a mushroom, but not a cucumber. My wheelbarrow will hold a doodad, but not a thingamajig. Why is this?

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