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Help Making Caliber-Complex work


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I've been trying basically all day and then some to make this mod work, it just won't no matter what I do. I'm not new to modding but I am fairly new to modding fallout 4 and I've never used FO4Edit before this. Creating patches for Caliber Complex calls for it, so I looked up some guides on how to use it. All my other mods appear to be working absolutely fine, my load order seems fine to me, things look correct in FO4Edit based on what I saw in the guides, but the mod just doesn't work.


When I first installed the mod I started up the game to test it out. All of the new calibers it adds are in the game and can be spawned in fine through the console. I then spawned some weapons, both modded and vanilla, to test it with and this is where the problems started. CC is supposed to overwrite all the vanilla calibers, it changes their ballistics and renames of all of them. In FO4Edit It shows this, I've got the vanilla stuff from the Fallout4 ESM in purple while the CC overwrites are in green. It's like that with every vanilla caliber. Despite this, right off the bat I noticed none of the vanilla ammo types had been renamed in game, and testing with some vanilla weapons I'm sure the ballistics are unchanged as well. Ok, well maybe it's just vanilla guns? No. Modded weapons that are set up to take CC calibers like 5.7x28 or .22LR are still taking their vanilla counterparts of 5mm and .38 respectively and have vanilla ballistics. Not only that, but mod weapons that are set up in FO4Edit via patch to take any of the brand new ammo types added by CC revert back to whatever vanilla ammo the mod author set them to take. I've got patches for all my mod guns to take ammo like .303 or 7.62x54R or 9x19 etc. etc. Some I made myself following guides, some I downloaded. All vanilla when I launch the game.


So just what in the fresh hell is going on? This is driving me nuts. It's as if overrides are being totally ignored for some reason, but it's somehow only causing issues with this one mod. Any ideas?

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