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Skyrim VR on Quest 2 with Visual Desktop and Vortex?


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Wanted to know if it is possible to run Skyrim on my Quest 2 using Visual Desktop and then launching it via the SKSEVR tool in Vortex? I know you can run the vanilla game this way - but as I use Vortex mods I need to launch it from SKSEVR not the SkyrimVR.exe etc. It seems complex having to get Visual Desktop, Vortex, Oculus and SteamVR all connected together - and I am not even sure whether I install Virtual Desktop on my Quest 2 or in the Oculus app/Steam app on the PC - been using a Rift S up till now but the headset is on its last legs (held together with Gorilla Tape) so want to switch but using Airplay and the Link Cable has terrible graphics/latency issues...

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Ok so it does work! I needed to:


1. Buy and install Virtual Desktop onto the Quest 2 from the Oculus store on the headset.

2. Download and install the (free) wireless version of the Virtual Desktop streaming app from their website onto the PC.

3. Open Virtual Desktop on the Quest 2 which brings you to the PC desktop on the headset.

4. Open Vortex and click on the SKSEVR tool which calls SteamVR and then runs SkyrimVR.

5. The headset will automatically switch to Skyrim VR when it loads.


I was then able to play Skyrim VR on the Quest 2 headset without the cable getting in the way, and the framerate was good with no stuttering etc. However the graphical quality isn't as good on the Quest 2 as it is on the Rift S even on the highest quality settings. It is certainly a lot better than it was via Airplay and/or the Link cable connections, but still isn't as crisp/colourful and there is a slight pinkish hue on distance fog etc. But certainly playable. This is via a dual band Wifi router with only the quest on the 5GHz channel, all other devices on the 2.4GHz channel.


But having played Skyrim sat down for the best part of two years it is going to take a bit of getting used to playing standing up and being able to turn around...

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