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Understanding Randomized Doors


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So i've been trying to get randomized doors to work in the CS by following the tutorial on the CS Wiki. I can't seem to figure out where I'm going wrong. I've got a door (AARandomDoor) that is set to randomly teleport the player to one of three cells when activated. The cells are: Fanacus, ExhaustedMine and FortVirtue. An AARandomDoor is placed in a random location inside each corresponding dungeon from the list. Based on the CS Wiki's description, random doors can be linked to an object like an 'XMarkerHeading' rather than be linked via the 'Teleport Ref' tab like regular doors. I have one AARandomDoor in the starting prison cell at the beginning of the game and then one per corresponding cell. The ones in the corresponding cells are each linked to a respective 'XMarkerHeading' via the 'Enable Parent' tab. When I test this out in-game, after activating the root door, a message pops up at the bottom of the screen that reads: "This door leads nowhere.". I am not exactly sure where I'm going wrong here.


Does anyone have insight on how to get this working? Does a script need to be written and attached in order to get this to work?




Please refer to the images below for my attempt at randomized doors:

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