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Mod request: Swing mechanics from spiderman 2


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I loved the swing mechanics of spiderman 2, you could swing as high as you wanted, you'd swing back when momentum was lost, you can swing with each arm for each trigger instead of just one web at a time, you could shoot 2 webs at 2 buildings and hang from there, or when on the ground, walk backwards and slingshot yourself forward.

That's the swing mechanics i want to request for this game. Possibly port it? Or make a new one? and have say a controller/keyboard "hotkey" to toggle between that old swing mechanics and the new.

https://youtu.be/3aRrqH4dFNo?t=78 Like at this time where he grabs 2 buildings. Just goofing around. Possibly compatability with this mod which adds speed to be similar to the old ways.


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