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Add Quest-Item / NoClip


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Hi, does someone know if it might be possible to access some kind of console or cheats or anything that would let you either add items or clip through walls?

I'm in a playthrough of over 50 hours and am locked out of the Ireland DLC "Wraith of the Druids" due a bug.

That bug comes up in the quest "Into the Fog" where you're supposed to get a key in the Tuam Cavern, so you can unlock a cell in there.
Problem is, one of the druid had the key, and I could either steal it or kill the druid, I did the latter.
Usually, you would get the key by killing them, it worked for every other key so far, but I never got this one.

Instead of reloading an autosave prior to that, I left the area, as I read, they would just respawn when you're far away for long enough. Problem is, the druids respawned, but the key didn't. I had a couple hours of playtime after this, and stupidly enough, only one save-file....

Now I'm looking for a solution to that problem, as Ubisoft never fixed it, and according to a post on ubisoft, they didn't even manage to recreate that bug... (this bug is know for almost a year now).
As I couldn't find anything so far, I'm looking at the modding-community now, in the hopes, someone might have an idea. I'm naming this key "Tuam Cavern Key" now, but it might as well just be called "Cavern Key" (according to a video I saw)

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