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I will be - Short poem by me


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Hello everybody.


Been such a long time since I last posted here. So I decided to share with you all a poem I recently wrote (like few days ago). I only ever wrote 3 poems in my life, since I'm more focused on stories and songs at this very moment, but lots of people tell me that I should try to write poems a bit more.


So here is the one I want to share with you, I named it "I will be"


If there will be dark, I will be the light
But not the light of the sun
Not the light of the city
I will be the light at the end of the tunnel,
But not your death
I will be your hope
I will be your guide in this life
Your messenger of hope,
Messiah of happiness
I will bring you back
Show you the colors of life,
The clouds of messages
I will lend you my hand
You shall then go on,
You will then be the angel.
Like I said, it's a really short one, and so far only one person understood the message behind it.
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