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Armor Sets For Underutilized Armor Types


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There are a lot of armor types that don't really see any use since there are no unique versions of said armor.

The armor types I really feel don't get enough love in Origins are:


- Heavy Plate Set (looks great, but it rains better massive armor in DAO)

- Commander Massive Armor (I know that Loghain wears a silverite version but it's restricted to him)

- Heavy Dwarf Armor (with the exception of the superior dwarf armor you find in the DN Origin you never really see anyone use this set)

- Duster Armor (we have gloves but the rest of the set feels forgotten)
- Dalish Armor (fantastic for early game but meh when you start getting the juicier stuff)

- Leather Armor (We have shadow of the Empire which is swell but otherwise I never use leather)

- Every Medium Armor Set (we have varathorns and dragonskin but I feel they are overlooked. I barely consider ancient elf medium armor since it has the heavy silhouette)

- Dwarf Massive (We have the legion and blood dragon armor sets but they're not really the classic dwarf massive set)



So I'm no stat distribution god but here are some ideas I had for stats for these underused looks:


Plate of the Dog Lord - Heavy Plate

Description: Named by an Orlesian Chevalier, the former wearer of this armor supposedly rode a chariot drawn by mabari hounds leading to him not being just A Fereldan dog lord but THE Fereldan dog lord


Material: Veridium

Helm - +2 Armor/-1Willpower

Chest +4 Strength/-2 cunning

Arms - 20% critical damage/ -5 defense

Legs - 15% dodge chance/-3 magic

Set - +3 combat health regen/+3 combat stamina regen



Avvar Shield - Commander set with Executioner helm for the complete set

Description: The intricate carvings on this armor seem to tell the tale of Flemeth. Whether they're meant to serve as a warning or as simple adornment is a matter of perspective


Material: Dragonbone/Mikhael Dryden tint

Helm - 30% fire resistance

Chest - +50 stamina/+5 attack

Arms - 10% magic resistance

Legs - +15 physical resistance/+2 dexterity

Set - +3 damage/+6 attack


Surfacer's Glory- Heavy Dwarf armor with the Dwarven medium helmet

Description: Orzammar's greatest folly is their willingness to exile their greatest to protect their pride. This masterpiece serves as a painful reminder


Material: Red Steel

Helm - +1 all stats/+1 damage

Chest - +3 strength/+1 combat stamina regen

Arms - +6 defence/+6 attack/+10% evasion chance

Legs - +2 armor/+1 combat stamina regen

Set - +2 combat health regen/-20% fatigue


Carta Fearmonger - Duster Set

Description: There are members of the carta whose very presence warrants the presence of a small army of guardsmen. There are dwarven scholars who wonder if their infamy is a sign of their effectiveness.....or a sign of their ineffectiveness


Material: Inscribed

Chest - +4 armor/+2 combat health regen/generates extra threat

Arms - +2 str/+4 con/+4 attack

Legs - +2 armor/+20 physical resistance/+5 defense

Set - +4 con/+4 willpower


Phantom of Dirthamen - Dalish Armor

Description: Dirthamen is a god of secrets and the Dalish will go farther than anyone to protect theirs. This armor looks unrefined and cheap but on closer inspection you'll see a masterwork made from every trick and technique the Dalish have reclaimed


Material: Rough

Chest - +1 combat stamina regen/+20% evasion chance/+6 dexterity

Arms - 25% crit damage/+5% evasion/+6 attack

Legs - +6 cunning/+6 defense

Set - +10 armor/+6% ranged crit chance/6% melee crit chance


Master Crow Leathers - Leather Armor

Description: Some Antivan crows partake in dark rituals that give them unnatural abilities....and other wear damn good armor


Material: Inscribed

Chest - +4 cunning/+4 dexterity

Arms - 10% crit damage/+3% melee crit chance/rapid aim -0.3

Legs - +4 defense/+4% spell resist/+3 willpower

Set - generate less threat/+3 damage


Templar Traveler - Chainmail + helmet (the helmet that's just named helmet)

Description: Sometimes Andraste's flaming sword is too recognizable. Lighter armor like this one is used for such occasions


Material: silverite

Helm - +2 constitution

Chest - +15% spell resistance/+2 armor

Arms - +10 mental resistance

Legs - +1 all stats/+10% healing increase

Set - +20% spell resistance/+1 combat health regen


Lordling's Armor - Scale armor + Qunari Infantry Helmet

Description: Medium armor made for a foolish young lord whose thirst for glory in battle far surpassed his skills. His lord father made this armor with the intent of keeping his heir alive


Material: Dragonbone

Helm - +50 stamina

Chest - +3 constitution/+2 combat health regen/+2 armor/generates more threat

Arms - +20% spirit resistance/+25 physical resistance

Legs - +4% melee crit chance/+4% ranged critical chance

Set - -15% fatigue/+4 armor


Carapace Armor - Splintmail

Description: Whether it's a product of madness or genius this armor is made from the shells of large insects


Material: Veridium?

chest - generates less threat/+4 attack/+3 dexterity

arms - +10% crit damage/-1 armor

legs - +10% evasion/+5 attack/+6 defence

set - +4 damage/+2 combat stamina regen


Proving Grandmaster Armor - Dwarven Massive armor and helm

Description: This armor was made to honor an undefeated proving champion. Shame he was killed for using the wrong fork at a royal dinner before ever wearing it


Material: Silverite

Helm - +0.5 combat health regen/+2 all stats

Chest - +50 stamina /+1.5 combat health regen/generates more threat

Arms - +6 attack/+1 combat health regen
Legs - +20% healing increase/+4 willpower

Set - +20% evasion chance/-10% fatigue


The locations for each armor set would preferrably be in merchant inventories. Like the dwarf armors being in Gorim's store or one of Orzammar's stores etc etc


I apologize for any spelling errors I made and if I accidentally made some set that was so outrageous it'd make mincemeat out of every boss in the game. It all kinda turned into alphabet soup in the end.

This thread is more for me than a desperate plea but I especially feel like the medium armor sets in origin deserve more love than they got.


If you read all the way through, just know that I appreciate you and hope you have a good day!

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