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My summer car 5L kijlu bucket (Mod idea)


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A mod in which you don't have to buy those juice bootle things that you need for the kijlu. there would be a 5L bucket and you can fill it up whit kijlu and you can sell it. And the bucket not gonna end in trash near the airfield. When joe drinked the kijlu he calls you and the bucket waiting ouside near her house.

You can buy the bucket in tiemos store for 2.5k
You need to wait for joe call you 3-5 day in game.
You still can seal the kijlu for 170mk.
And the 5L bucket kijlu would be cost 4.5k


I dont realy know how the modding works but i thinks its someone going to made this its gonna be good

-Sorry for my engliz.



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