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[Mod Request] All costumes, swap character models, go solo, Harder Lunatic Mode


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An request for an modpack containing these as features:


All Costumes - Gives you every available costume in the game, even DLC, so that if you pass by a shop in the game you aren't entirely screwed for appearance changing.


Swap Character Models - Allows you to replace Crimson Knight Adol with White Cat, or other models of team members, while still allowing you to use your base weapon.


Go Solo - make it so only 1 team member can be swapped in at any time and everyone else on reserve can be swapped to with Q and R.


Harder Lunatic - Give bosses/enemies more health (up to 6 bars ala YS VIII: Lacrimosa Of Dana) and higher defense so end game weapons on new game+ aren't that broken.

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