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Well, this game is made/packed with IL2CPP, so classic bepinex does NOT work.

The prerelease also fails to decompile, but using the BE builds (https://builds.bepinex.dev/projects/bepinex_be) it manages to extract the dlls.... and then crashes immediately.


If you want to look at the dlls manually you can use: https://github.com/Perfare/Il2CppDumper, it will succesfully manage to extract everything and then you can as usual import the DLL in VS/Rider/DNSPY

Anyone else had any sort of success in modding this game?


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UABE does the job, but if you want to share your mods, it gets trickt because you overwrite sharedassets0.assets so you can't install multiple mods. i'm coding a tool to do so, but the python library is poorly documented so the progress is slow


lastest version are marked as a malware by windows defender so i wouldn't download the 3.0 yet if i was you

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