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What's goin on?


I looked and couldn't find a topic nor anything uploaded on the Nexus about studded armor.


Maybe my keyword search isn't typed properly, maybe I'm not lookin in the right places, or probably lazy? Lol


So, at the Smith Forge, the Studded Armor section is a bit empty only with one armor piece.


If there's an existing more studded armors mod, would you all provide me with a link? If not, I would love to request a mod like that. I would love to see armor that is studded with gems, rocks, different types of metal studs, or other materials.


Thank you all for your time.


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I see that no one has responded to my post and the rules are understandable. I will reconsider a proper post next time.


Thank you all for your time. I will continue my search and I will attempt to make some interesting studded armors.


I have some ideas that you all may like.

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