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Destroy the Dark Brotherhood for Stormcloaks

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Pretty simple, something to replace the Penitus Oculatus in Dragonbridge once you have both won the civil war for the stormcloaks, as well as killed Astrid - alternatively, the removal of the Penitus Oculatus once you have destroyed the dark brotherhood. It really annoys me how I need to join the evil assassins just to not have some Imperial guards hanging around my Stormcloak Skyrim - please note that the PO also have Imperial banners, those should also be removed with their disappearance.

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You might also pop this into the comments of the Penitus Oculatus mod, in case the author feels like tinkering with it one day. I don't know how to do quest/dialog modding, so I can't do it, but for someone who does, it should be doable to change Maro for a Stormcloak officer, maybe even a known personality like Agrenor. Must win war first, PO vanishes, Stormcloaks see the need to continue and take over. Wipe out the DB and the occasional Thalmor agent.

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