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[SSE] Skyrim AE GOG Edition - good character double-cross - thieves guild


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This sound like a good mod. I want to go more for a double-cross.



You accept the quest to frame someone. Feel bad about it and tell another Jarl. Whiterun maybe? They say, "The thieves guild rising again! This must be stopped!" They will free the innocent party when the quest is finished. You have to gain their support and notify all the remain Jarls. Once you have their support, you proceed to gather all the gems for Barenzia's Crown. (Hopefully, not going to jail). As you find all the gems, you gather intel for the Jarls to take down the thieves guild.


Once you reassemble the crown, you return to whiterun for a secret meeting. They take the real crown and give you a professionally done fake. You proceed to take it back to the thieves guild at the Ragged Flagon with the Jarls troops ready to raid. You open the doors. The Jarls troops arrest or kill anyone in the area. Anyone supporting the thieves guild in Riften is wiped out. You have long quest to return any items to their rightful owners.



You might have assassins after you, but that's nothing new. :wink:


Let me know, if anyone wants to do this.



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