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Custom Main Menu and Loading Screens


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I would really like to be able to use my own custom wallpapers for the main menu and for loading screens in Skyrim. It seems many people have done this sort of thing before, but due to how Skyrim uses 3d objects instead of static images it seems very difficult for people to do without downloading a bunch of 3rd party programs and doing some technical stuff that's beyond me as a casual modder. If someone knows a step-by-step tutorial on making wallpaper packs that would be super helpful. Alternatively, a mod that did the editing nonsense to get a 2d image to work on a 3d Skyrim wallpaper that would be even better. I don't know what it would take, if it would be a FNIS/Bodyslide adjacent mod that has to run scripts to import the screenshot and modify the files or something like that, but boy would it be nice.

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