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One 1.9(9)


There had been about 2,100 visitors, from realscape, in the Wayzone when the cyborg mercenaries had invaded. Many had died but their dead bodies had vanished from the overcrowded morgue, along with the dead cyborg mercenaries. A few live visitors had vanished at the same moment but many remained, that is about 550. These seemed to be folks who could more easily deal with being trapped inside the Wayzone.


Meetings were held and visitors began working with official workers to repair damage and to keep the Wayzone running while producing enough vital resources as possible.


The Biological Research Centre was able to produce food with its hydroponics network-system and experimental bio-soil crops. The very existence of the centre had been kept secret, by the Virtual Visions Corporation, because it was illegal. Anyway it seemed to make no sense as produce could not be sent to Terra or into Super Tamriel proper. It was a strong clue that the VVC had been up to something sneaky.


Of course Virtual Player Characters were forced to do with out their planned trips to the Royal City of Bruma. A big question was how were the VPCs in Bruma going to be rescued. Gamma level VPCs would soon be traveling back to the Wayzone expecting to be able to get back into it through a hidden Waygate. There were Virtual Government Characters, and Virtual Corporate Characters, in the hidden Waygate Outpost there but also in Bruma.


Dana Scully, and Fox Mulder, were formally of the XFiles Office of the US FBI. There was no more FBI for it had been dissolved into a super security intelligence agency along with the CIA and other US agencies. Why? Because a fragmenting USA was going through some strange times as were nations around the world, including other super-powers. Why were they there? They had been forced to go there as a kind of exile because they had become an annoyance to some very powerful Terran Factions.


A big meeting was going to take place in a large semi-open chamber and people were still setting up chairs or were sitting in them as were Scully and Mulder.


Scully indicated a formation of SEARF Troopers standing quietly in the distance who were in jumpsuits and she gave an odd smile. "Even when they try to look casual they are like predators ever ready to strik out."


"What is amusing about that?" Mulder frowned softly after drinking the last of the luke warm coffee from a biodegradable foam mug complete with handle. "Until we came here, we did not even know that SEARF existed."


Scully pushed some hair out of her eyes. "There is something child like about them. If they are clones, as they claim to be, I suspect that they are very young and not as old as they look."


Their own son was back in the slowly crumbling USA, being on the run from what he called the 'Stupid Conspiracy'. He was also searching for the infamous 'Smoking Man' who had not died, as he supposedly had, from a savage helicopter attack.


Scully, and Mulder, had become rejuvenated by coming into the Super Tamriel realm. This fact was become much better known on the home world and was starting to cause a storm of reaction there. Matters were going out of control, that is they had ever been so.


Fox snorted softly. "I think it is time we talked to these SEARF Troopers and exchanged information."

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One 1.10(10)


In Bruma, the royal walled city, the SageWizard Prapradus stood quietly and nobody noticed he was there. The old man looked humble in light grey robes dotted with small, unusual stains. His brown skin was only slightly wrinkled for somebody who was centuries old and his strong brown eyes were hidden a little by his hood.


He was quietly observing two glittering ones, intruders from the hidden place that was part of a small mountain. Most Tamriellans could not detect them and most of thos who could had to be trained to do so but the SageWizards, along with a few others, could naturally detect them. Despite common misconception that SageWizards were part of the Mages Guild, and Arcane University, they were not and were far older than either.


The intruders came from a world called Terra (the Earth or Sol113, the hundredth and thirteenth planet out from the Sun, also known as Sol). Terrans had colonies on other Sol System worlds and floating in space, but most of their people were still on their dying home world. It was dying partly because of Terran human foolishness and partly because of a terrible series of failed alien invasions. It could be fixed but far more easily with less humans on it except that even Terran advanced spaceships simply could not remove enough in safety and the colonies could not take the burden of supporting them.


He had questioned some glittering folk to clarify matters but his true people already knew of that world and many others like it. The ultimate truth of their nature was most fascinating but also very troublesome.


So far the Terrans had mostly done good in the local world as they had brought in gold coinage, and valuable trade-goods to the city. Most had been interested in basic holidays experiencing taverns, the first blood gladiator games, horse riding and such. All had been rejuvenated by their being in Super Tamriel. Those that had caused, or tried to cause trouble, had been dealt with either by glittering law enforcers disguised as locals or by local law enforcers secretly assisted by disguised Terrans.


Prapradus sighed softly. The coming of the Terrans to Super Tamriel was not so straight forward as Terrans assumed it was for they had been manipulated into doing so by a very ancient, criminally insane and powerful alliance of supernatural entities. They were the enemies of his people and the rest of the alliance that his people were part of.


He turned to make his way to a small tavern where he would buy a nice mug of coffee and some small crusty savoury pies that the tavern baked freshly every morning.


Overhead a magical wingboat came drifting in on the air currents, preparing to land in one of the big open fields placed for magical flying craft. It had come all the way from the Imperial Capital City of Imperiarna, the largest of the small number of Imperial Cities, and in it were people that he was going to meet later. Not just him but others in a most important meeting of how the Empire would deal with the Terran intruders.

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