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Palit RTX 3050: my impression and opinion about it.


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[History of my pc experience]
for some years (around 4) i had an GTX 1050 TI from pcyes (a Brazilian brand) it was my first ever "real" GPU for gaming, until that, i had an notebook that had an I7 3rd gen (cant remember the exact model) and an amazing and extremely powerful!!! gt550 2gb.... it was trash, it constantly reached 90℃ and sturtered like hell, then after years playing games on that, i got an desktop, an pre-built one that was basically an scam for the price, but hey, it was an present from my auntie (she was afraid of using the internet), it had an I5-7400, 8gb of chinese ram, the GTX 1050 TI, and an 1TB HD.
after some time the hd broke, the ram burnt, the motherboard died (i still don't know why) and the gpu did a small suicide (i was on youtube bro), so i bought every thing new (except the processor),
recently i got enough money to buy my own GPU, and for me being a little broke, settled in an RTX 3050, i got a very good deal on it, brand new for 1,800 BRL (around 332USD), for you it might seen as "bad deal" or "overpriced", but here in Brazil EVERY pc component is overpriced, and rtx 2060 (used) is around 2,400 BRL, and now let me follow for the review.

let me give you some context, if you haven't read the history part (i don't blame you), you will know that i have an I5-7400 (or if you read my profile), it isn't a crappy cpu, but it tend to bottle neck me, and a lot,
so most of the time, the cpu is at 99~100% usage, and the gpu sit at 70~80%.
so for my time with it (roughtfully a month or so) it is a great gpu, i can run anything at max or ultra at 60fps, even with ray tracing on! (excluding cyberpunk2077, it is cpu bound and its optimization is bad)
overwatch at high settings: (it is competitive, why play on ultra?) it runs at a capped 120fps 99% of the time, if it drops, it is usually my cpu struggling to handle the tracer butt physics.
metro exodus redux on ultra with ray tracing and dlss on quality: it runs at a capped 60fps with a very smooth frame time, it likes to drop a little, sometimes due to gpu and sometimes due to cpu, a perfect experience
control maxed settings (include ray tracing) and dlss on quality: 60fps most of the time, it maxed out at 70fps and the biggest drop was to 58, with rtx off you can achieve 70 to 80 fps.
cyberbug 2077: the max Ive got was with high settings and reduced particle fx, it got 70-ish frames, my cpu cant run this game above 60 fps in most of the cases, totally playable, but for me it wont do, it still leagues above what my gtx 1050 ti could do.
quake rtx: 44 ish frames, the rtx 2060 i believe can do more, but just drop that res scaling to 60fps and you will achieve that with no image quality loss what so ever.

and that is it, i am very happy with my choice, it can run anything i like to play at 60+ fps with high or ultra quality, if you guys want to ask about other games, fell free to ask and i will respond to you if i have the game to test, bye and have a nice day!

EDIT: Here is my userbenchmark profile, here is my pc specs and performace, if i change it i will update this link : https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/57050051 (updated link to latest bench)

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currently i am bidding in a rtx 3060 ti on ebay, if you guys have some knowledge in ebay gpu bids and what i need to look out for, please msg me (it is in a rlly good price for my situation)

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Look at the sellers feedback. If it is less than 90%, don't buy from them. If they only have a few feedback, don't buy from them. If they have ANY complaints about the package not being delivered, or being delivered to the wrong address, don't buy from them. If their price seems to good to be true, it is. If they are shipping from China, don't buy from them. Etc.

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Check the sellers feedback reviews, look at their return policy, definitely look to see if they have a history selling items like the one you're looking for.


Right now, there's going to be a lot of used vid cards out on the market.


Some of them may be what they say they are, and some of them might NOT be what they say they are.


Scalpers are trying to move a LOT of video cards right now. People aren't using them for bitmining nearly as much, and sadly... we gamers are a minority of the population. But yeah... if it means we can get what we need, cheaper, who's gonna complain?


Also... when bidding on an item on ebay. Here is a common mistake made. You don't have to have the highest bid, until the end of the auction. Don't let somebody sucker you into making the price jump up by them slightly outpricing you. The only time you need to have the highest bid, is at the end of the auction.


What I do, is bidsniping.

Sniping is where you wait til the last 5 to 10 seconds (depending on your computer and internet speed) til the auction ends. You throw in the absolute highest value that you're willing to pay. So if the auction is currently at say 230 and the most you are willing to pay, is 250.... I throw in something like 250.99

That .99 takes into account percentages that some sites require, but it also tops any bid that comes in the same time as yours does, if they typed in 250.

This also makes it so that with so little time left, your competition may not have a chance to throw in another bid, to outbid you.


Sniping is not a guarantee to win. And sometimes, it leads to a disappointment. But, if I threw in the most I was gonna pay for it anyway, it was more than I could/wanted to afford. And as I said, the market is going to have a lot of cards.

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