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cyberpunk 2077 crashed


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first time i post a topic here but i honestly have to say i screwed up,i was installing couple of mods with vortex to make the game even more fun and all that,but then i saw another mod i wanted turns out it's not compatibale with vortex and it's about the apperancemod,so i downloaded it and noticed in the instructions that i have to replace both bin and archive folders,and i was like how the hell am i supposed to replace main game folders,anyway i entered the apperance mods bin and archive folders and tried to copy the ones inside to not have to replace the game folders (before you say it,i know that's dumb and stupid but i was honestly focusing on something with my friends and thought this modding thing would be easy)>>>>but then suddenly the game doesnt open and it says =because it has a corrupted or a missing script file,i close that pop up then another one pops and says the game has flatlined,that's surely related to the modding mess i did,i feel stupid so no need to remind me i just want a solution to this,maybe someone upload their game's two folders called bin and archive because maybe this could fix the mess i did? i dont know,
thanks in advance .

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