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[Request] Auto-Marking Mod Standalone similar to what already exists in TUPPM


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I'd like to request a mod that allows the Intel Team to mark enemies automatically, or just any form of Auto-Marking like what D-Dog does. This functionality already exists via "The Ultimate Phantom Pain Mod" but that mod is no longer upkept and isn't compatible with Infinite Heaven. Essentially rather than them showing the possible location of enemies, the Intel Team just marks them directly for you.


Link to Mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/metalgearsolidvtpp/mods/188


- game_ENABLE_autoMarking: Enables auto marking if Intel Unit Scouting Function is S rank

- game_ENABLE_autoMarkWithoutSRank: Enables auto marking even if Intel Unit Scouting Function is not S rank



It'd be great to get this as a standalone version that's compatible with current mods. It would allow you to use whichever buddy you wanted without feeling the need to use one of the scouting ones since the process would be automated. I've searched for this but couldn't find anything so I'm sorry if it has already been made or requested. I'm not sure how easy it would be to just pull the effect from TUPPM and make it a standalone but hopefully someone who's smarter than me could figure this out, or if someone would just be able to make their own version of this from scratch obviously that'd be fine too. It doesn't need to be tied to the intel team or anything, just auto marking of any kind. Although the intel team has very nice range and would probably be a good way to do it.



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