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Modding in the Witcher 3 Next-Gen Update


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Just the Over9000 and the RareItemsMerchant mod are working for myside, every other mod dont work. I just need the ApplyOilsMenu and the AutoLootMenu but still doesnt work, after this update you cant play this game anymore. The older version with lots of mods, was much better and makes much more fun to play ;(
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As someone who has spent countless hours modding this game, trying to fix script compilation errors, ensuring compatibility, and finally installing a list of mods that work perfectly well for me and makes the game look incredible; I cannot play it any other way.


On the other hand i really wanna experience the new content, ie, new quest, armor sets and weapons.


So my question is this: Is it going to be possible to mod the new content from next gen edition to classic edition of the game?


Everyone has been talking about the dilemma of upgrading to NGE as if rt and other visual upgrades are the only things added in NGE. Many people don't care about rt (modded game can look much better than NGE if done right imo) but the new content.


Every mod that has come out since next gen update has been for next gen edition only with a focus to bring popular classic mods to next gen. Instead can we not bring the new content to old 1.31 version of the game?


Sorry if it's a dumb question and if it just isn't possible for some reason that i don't know.

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Is there an awesome and skilled modder out there who might be able to make a version of complete animation for the new gen or at least make a mod that allows you to see Gerald drink a potion before battle? I always thought a feature like that should be incorporated into the game as it was in the first two games but for some odd reason, they took it out and it always bothered me. So, if there is one out there who can make that dream come true I would be really grateful and as always great job on keeping keeping up with the updates and keeping us posted and good luck on the path witchers!
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