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Modding in the Witcher 3 Next-Gen Update


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I'm happy that the Super Turbo Lighting Mod is compatible with the update according to the results from CDPR.

Really appreciate the Ray-Tracing Global Illumination and updated lighting, but I still think that mod looks better and slightly more dynamic than the default Next-Gen lighting.

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In response to post #118735493.

Apocalypses77 wrote: No thanks! I don't want to see Nilfgaard armor from netflix. 
I don't want someone's negligent attitude to costumes in the series to defile this game with their presence.

Will have options to turn off for Netflix related armors and Dandalion new costume
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while I'm kind of excited to play another round of Witcher 3 

1 i hope the mod authors got something for this it's cool they integrated some stuff though.

2 really hope this doesn't turn into a Skyrim situation where the community is split in half over versioning. basically, breaking a ton of stuff

3 i just hope it works out of the box. 

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valshares24 wrote: I hope the publisher paid the authors of the mods. Being only in credits is not very cool.

Do you know how to read, because it clearly say THEY REIMBURSED THEM, it means they PAYED THE MODDERS.
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