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Some art I made in MS Paints more than a decade ago.


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The ball resembles Saturn. All of your drawings are a good start using MS paint; for us who learn as we go. No one around to give us a guiding hand is what we get from learning as we go.


I learned to work with MS paint. With a little more time I managed to make that green question mark over there. That's my avatar. I got distracted after a few more times drawing the avatar bigger. I read that some of the avatars others have drawn; began really huge. They reduced the pix Res: height and width until it was small enough to use an avatar. The others who I learned a bit about using other kinds of drawing boards, like Photoshop, did some pretty darn good pix. Their avatars still look great.


I was trying to get mine to look like some of the real good pix others had for their avatars.


What do you think it is? I mean; does it resemble anything that you think it reminds you of; when you look at it?

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