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[Mod Request] No XP Gain!


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You might be asking, why would we want a mod to block getting XP? Well, as weird as it sounds and considering how the itemization system works in this game it's quite useful for custom playthroughs. For example, I like to play on death march with enemy upscaling active, the problems comes when you start a new game at level, say 40, with a full witcher set and your build ready to go, and after a few hours you find yourself being level 48 fighting against lvl 48 enemies but your gear is locked at 40, without possibilities to improve it. Yeah, I know we have new game+ and that could "fix" this problem temporarily but still, you will stumble upon this very issue eventually if you're a completionist player as myself.


As a matter of fact, there was a mod that did exactly this and it was crucial for my playthroughs. https://www.nexusmods.com/witcher3/mods/2838?tab=posts But unfortunately doesn't work with the NGV 4.00. The author uploaded this 5 years ago, so chances are he won't be coming back to help a Witcher in need like me.


Another more complicated solution would be a mod that allows you improve your gear beyond the standard limit so it never goes obsolete.


So yeah, that's about it!

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