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Enough is enough!

The proud race of the Dunmer have gone through hell. The eruption of the red mountain, the unrest following the end of the tribunal, the fall of house Hlaalu, the occupation of southern Morrowind by the Argonians. Many families suffered from the bad harvests and the fact that the eruption of the Red Mountain turned former arable lands into dust deserts. The Empire abandoned them and the Nords treat them like skeevers when they searched for refuge in the neighboring province. Locked away in the Gray District and refugee camps or sometimes in prisons, insulted, smeared and discriminated by most of the Nord population in Windhelm and the whole east, their hatred grew, boiled under the surface. Some of the Dunmer are thirsty for justice... or for revenge. They formed an insurgency army, attacking the Stormcloaks, initiating assassinations to trigger regime changes in the holds under the banner of the bear. Let the east get rid of Ulfric without Imperial occupation. The Dragonborn can crush or support the insurgency. If you side with the Stormcloaks there is another questline... make a deal with the devil. Convince the Thalmor to attack Imperial troops and weaken Tullius' position. If Skyrim leaves the Empire, Cyrodiil and High Rock will be easily conquered by the Thalmor. Let them help you to topple loyalist Jarls or blackmail them to betray the Empire.

I have ideas, but no skills and no experience in mod creation. I can contribute stories and voice acting (also no experience in, but I'll do my best).

What the mod should do:

- Alter the civil war quest line(s).
- Add a new faction with questline
- Add new NPCs
- Add ne follower(s)
- Make use of some abandoned or still supported mods (integration with permission or hard requirement)

Yeah. It's a really big idea. And I want to help with anything I can contribute to the project. it also would be great if i could learn from some experienced modder or team of modders. it also would be great if it can be integrated with already existing popular mods (soft requirement, recommended).

i don't know who is interested in such a project and how much of it can be realized based on their skills

if your're interested, contact me: [email protected]

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