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[LE] Sense Current "Home" Location of Player's Spouse for Radiant Quest Giving--Possible?

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I am trying to figure out if it's possible for the game to sense where the current home location is for a radiant quest giving NPC, one whose "home" location can change depending on other game-play events.


To offer further clarity, I'm experimenting with a concept concerning spouses. I don't specifically need to know which house the player has their spouse stationed in (hopefully this will help it work with custom homes), but rather where exactly that house is located in the Skyrim world-space--like which hold--Eastmarch, Whiterun, Hjaalmarch, etc...


Is this possible to do, or am I looking at just limiting the radiant locations via keeping them conditioned solely to the Skyrim-specific world-space? I think that limiting it to the hold the spouse is currently living in would make the most sense given the context of what the quest entails, but if it absolutely has to send the player traveling across Skyrim to fulfill it, then I suppose it's better than nothing. :confused:

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