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Strange flashing polygons on inventory and CTD


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Hey all!
So I have a few updates for anyone who is still reading this thread.
I've taken some time away to do some research, and while I've always appreciated the S.T.E.P community (here's a link for anyone unfamiliar. Great stuff. http://wiki.step-project.com/Main_Page), I've also come across a very detailed guide from an unlikely source: A user named 'Vixen' on an alternative site called 'LoversLab.' I know what yer thinkin'... that site's for adult mods! Well generally, yes. However, this woman speaks truth from a very sound IT perspective. Here's the link.


It's a great guide. But two things I took away from it are this:
My strange "flashing polygons" didn't come from any particular mod. There are a variety of mods that can cause this problem, but are perfectly fine on their own. The biggest revelation of all to me was that texture size matters a LOT LESS than people initially surmise. As I play for hours with the reduced texture options for Skyrim HD and RealVision ENB, I notice my framerates drop NOT in areas where there are lot of high-res textures, but high script loads. Let me explain:
As the aforementioned guide suggests (start reading if you haven't already), many mods that cause things like inventory CTD are not inherently buggy. Most of them are cleaned using TESV edit, and their only fatal flaw is that they don't take into account the numerous scripts that additional mods also add to the worldspace.
My most recent crash fiasco came from Bleak Falls on the way back to Riverwood. I was wondering just why any of this could be the case. I do have an expanded cities mod that enhances Riverwood, but not so much so that it could cause a ctd by itself. I also run SkyRE, SkyTEST, Realistic Needs/Diseases, and Frostfall. And I have good news: They all seem to be working beautifully now. Here's how I managed to fix my issues.

Let's break down what happens in the game normally, if you've got all the DLC's and you've started a new game. After you've leveled up a few times, and traveled back to, say, Riverwood, you'll notice a ton of scripts going on at once. This is in the vanilla game too, mind you. The courier boy will try to find you and give a letter from the Jarl concerning property ownership (a poorly managed, never 'delayed' "Lets push out this script ASAP" method by Bethesda) all within the same in-game hour as the leader of the Dawnguard approaches you for a recruitment opportunity. On top of that, you may even get a vampire attack that same night, and if you have Interesting NPC's and Immersive Patrols walking through a town that's been modded and expanded... you can see where I'm going with this. That level of detail is infinitely more taxing on the game than a few textures could ever be.

What I did to alleviate these conflicts:
1) I used Wrye Bash and made a patch for those. Specifically, I prevented Dawnguard from spawning its vampires randomly when there were other scripts enabled. The game is now more "passive," requiring me to wait in the town for a little while before anything like that ever happens.


2 I deactivated some of my mods.
I wanted to keep the main elements of SkyRE, SkyTEST, Frostfall, and Realistic Needs, and I was willing to go to great lengths to make that happen. Solution? I asked myself what portions of the aforementioned mods would add the most scripting. For example, when installing SkyRE, I wanted a more immersive, realistic combat experience. But I didn't want to totally overhaul and "break" skyrim, using the uncapped encounter zones, or the changes made to item values in my inventory. So I chose the main perk changes, enemy AI, and Frostfall. This freed up space for scripting elsewhere.
For immersive Patrols, after realizing Dawnguard's annoying nighttime vampire attacks were causing crashes at worst (and my favorite "radiant" NPC friends to die in some cases), I didn't want any more hostility in the world of skyrim than was necessary. The way I see it, Skyrim is a big, beautiful place, with plenty of space to explore, make new friends, and enemies. Immersive Patrols has a lot of the latter and a lot less of the former. So when chosing which parts of Immersive Patrols to install, here was my logic:
**Anything that added traveling bandits or factions to the world space would inherently have to apply the enemy AI scripts to them, as well as possible SkyTEST animal interactions. All I wanted was to see some more friendly (or unfriendly) faces on the road in my travels. And since the Civil War is really kind of a facade, the only two mods I chose were the salespeople and the military patrols, both of which would never plan an attack on a town at inconvenient times. Less hostility means fewer fast-paced scripts.

3) I used ENBoost. Now some of you out there may have tried it, only to discover that it unfortunately deactivates your ENB. The mod author doesn't really explicitly say how to avoid this, but I figured it out after culling other forums for answers. In the enblocal.ini, you need to set "UsePatchSpeedhackWithoutGraphics=false". By default, since the newest update was meant to also be used for folks without ENB, this is the setting that needs to be changed. Everything else can remain the same, and voila! You have ENB and enhanced performance. If you see screen-tearing, enable Vsync=true.

Most of you are either going to hate me for suggesting that your saves are totally corrupt, or facepalm when you realize how simple this fix can be. Either way, it's helped me and will likely improve your stability as well. It's simple: stop autosaving and quicksaving. Just stop it. It's bad. Skyrim's autosave is unstable enough as it is, and while it will never cause a crash in an UNmodded game, it does present with issues like random NPC misbehavior and inconsistent loads (Ie, my follower and the wolf I just hunted is two feet in front of me, and the next time I load the autosave, it's raining and the wolf is behind me etc). When you mod your game like crazy, there's that much more information that can go awry. A lot of times, autosaving misses half the scripts it needs to run because it's just saving randomly and taking a quick snapshot of your character only. Think of it like doing a hard reboot on your computer when it's still shutting down programs vs. slowly and formally turning it off the safe way from the shut-down menu. Same principle.
So start a new game with all your mods enabled. Turn OFF all autosave functions, period. And from now on, whenever you save, do so in a safe location only from the menu (pressing 'esc' and saving from there.) I can't say that this will fix everyone's problems indefinitely. I still sometimes get freezes and crashes. But the game IS much, much more stable for me. And I'm confident that you too will see improvement. Remember, everything runs on scripts. Autosave is, in and of itself, a type of script.

That's all I got for now folks. I'll be back in a few days to let you know if my computer exploded or if I wound up completely talking out of my ass with horrendous data corruption etc.

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I got exactly same problem, even mod list is pretty same, since im using realvision ENB recommended mod list. I just dont understand why my old saves (200h~ playtime), from old laptop works fine without any ctd even with new mods, but with new character created ones i get this problem. Trying to solve it without reinstalling mods.

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I got the same errors, my fix was to just change the Safety Load to only work during load screens- that fixed my random CTDs entirely (so far) and it's feeling good to play Skyrim again

Sorry to necro a thread, but just searched on google as I had this exact problem and found only this thread, thought my gpu was dying *Phew* anyway how do you change safety load to only work on load screens?

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1. It's not likely your system, as it doesn't take much to run Skyrim with some mods. Using an ENB is a different matter however. Either way, you should be fine in that regard as your Performance Monitor states.
2. Anytime you move or delete a mod from your load order on an active save, it can cause intermittent ctds for aparently no reason. Skyrim bakes scripts into your saved game, and if you've had a mod in a certain location and its been moved or deleted, it may still be trying to access that location's script and could potentially cause a CTD.
3. Flashing polygons are generally an issue with your ENB. Ensure that in your Skyrrimpref.ini that you have bFloatPointRenderTarget=1 and any other setting that your ENB dictates you should change.
4. SkyUI has no confliction with CoT.
5. I doubt skyrim can handle 500 mods without borking. It's already messed up enough on its own regard.
6. Generally I install my mods/or put them in this load order in MO, and if you are planning on using a lot of mods, I suggest using mod organizer. I find it better. Gopher has a good instructional video on how to properly use it if you don't know. Here is that general order:

Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch
[Other ESMs]
[Hi Res DLC]
SKSE Scripts (make sure these are properly installed and if you don't have it, you better get it.)
[Any mods that are utilities] (Bug fixes, safety load, better messagebox controls,...)
[All other ESPs]
[Custom Body Meshes]
[Custom Body Textures]
[Mods that don't overwrite SMIM]
Static Mesh Improvement Mod
[Mods that overwrite SMIM]
[Custom Skeleton](Xp32mse,...)
Alternate Start
Bashed Patch (If using Wrye Bash)
Dual Sheath Patch (if Using it)
RSPatch (Last almost always)

After my mods are like this (In the left and right pane of MO) I will run LOOT (and then in MO sort the left pane to match the right).

7. I'm not using Race Compatibility at the moment, but it has a USKP Patcher. That may be normal, but since you don't use USKP, it could cause problems if it is wanting to use that file.

8. Dance of Death is outdated. Use Violens.

9. Ensure you've updated your Bashed Patch and Reproccer

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For the necro'd topic, he says on his mod page:

If you have any problem after Installation (CTD when open menu, get more CTD or freeze, graphical glitch etc.), please try:
"EnableOnlyLoading = true" in data/SKSE/Plugins/SafetyLoad.ini.
This means that it can not block game freezing during play except loading screen.

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For the necro'd topic, he says on his mod page:

If you have any problem after Installation (CTD when open menu, get more CTD or freeze, graphical glitch etc.), please try:

"EnableOnlyLoading = true" in data/SKSE/Plugins/SafetyLoad.ini.

This means that it can not block game freezing during play except loading screen.

I know this is an old topic but I just wanted to say thank you!

"EnableOnlyLoading = true" in data/SKSE/Plugins/SafetyLoad.ini

Fixed my CTD in my menus and game altogether!

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Unfortunately, I found the problem to be The Unofficial Skyrim Patch. Once I uninstalled it, I had no crashes whatsoever in regards to inventory.


I wish this wasnt the case, but apparently Skyui and the Unofficial Skyrim Patch are conflicting for some reason and Uninstalling Skyui isn't an option at this point.


Hope this helps others who still mod to this very day lol.

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I had same problem when I freshly modded my game I modded 3 time with same mods and it game me this nasty bug.


What I did I uninstalled Safety load mod completely

than my game wouldn't load any saved game that was wired

after researching i got to know that SKSE was low on memory or something like that

the only thing that was needed was to create ini file


When crating SKSE.ini file make sure to save it as All file catetgory

this folder is located in Syrim/Data/SKSE folder

Their will be plugin folder DO NOT add the file their


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