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New Modder - Doing good? but one issue keeps popping up during blender export.

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So, I am getting into modding. More so, actually making stuff instead of fiddlin' with adjusting objects already in-game.


Currently I'm doing some Nif bashing (following MCTammers guide for Nif Bashing) with modified vanilla armors with a modified skeleton (they both come packaged together). I run into a problem when exporting meat caps from blender. (Or if I do all the meat caps in Nifskope to the new armor set, then import/export from blender.)


The meatcaps don't need to be parted out and re-merged, but I still made an individual .nif of just the meatcaps and export them for merging later to be super duper sure.




Watching the command prompt window, the meat caps materials get renamed and merged with no issues (I think thats what its doing, again, Im hella new.) Its at the very end, this error pops up.


I imagine I'm doing something wrong with the meat caps, but for the life of me I cant figure it out. It only happens once the meat caps are with the overall mesh. Everything else imports and exports perfectly fine.


Ive also unpacked the gore cap textures from the .bsa into my loose texture files so it has an easier time loading them (it wouldnt load in Nifskope till I did this even with proper pathing to archives.) Thought this may of been the issue but it still happens.


I'm getting a game crash when I try to skip blender and do all the stuff manually but I assume its still the meat caps causing the problem so I really would like to get this resolved first before starting to root around to fix that one. Otherwise I feel like I'd be putting the cart before the horse.


I'm on Blender 2.49b with appropriate plug-ins for .nif. (I'll happily triple check for whoever might try and help) Along with the latest of Nifskope. FOMM for my .bsa unpacking and browsing (Im staying as far away from that stuff as possible right now). GECK as my editor for .esp stuff. Might go to NVEdit, it really sounds like it has more beginner friendly interfaces.


I'm still digging through other resources but would like a pointer in the right direction for figuring out what to do in blender (or where ever the issue may be) to fix this. Some of the guides feel like chinese to me so I'm struggling a little to follow the more fine functions.


My plan of attack today is to take an already existing mesh from what I'd like to change (so I dont have to fiddle with meat caps at all), run it through, add the fixin's and see if blender still pops it up on the final export after, though it sounds like it might throw more flags.


Thanks y'all!

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i've never encountered this issue before so i don't know how to help you there but i remember following tammer's tutorial as a newbie being pretty much impossible. it was good for figuring out how blender worked but i never actually got anything functional out of it. his workflow is, like... very extra. i had much better luck with jokerine's (third down on the main files tab) if you haven't read that one already.

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I appreciate the recommendation! I'm loading it up now as I'm typing this haha.


I've also thought a little more about the issue myself and managed to figure out a step that I was messing up. Once I adjusted the issue didn't show up again thankfully, I guess I just needed to type it out. I just loaded in blender first and removed everything but the meat caps and exported, never touching Nifskope for separating the meat caps from the rest of the mesh, I was using Nifskope first (not sure why I was doing that). Afterwards it seemed to import and export with no issues regardless of what I did.


Thanks a million friend!

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Just an update. I have successully nif bashed armor into a custom set. And it works in-game!


I've also managed to add a custom effect as well which was far easier than I expected lol.


My next step will be cropping existing armors and adjusting them to a new shape in Blender. My idea is a Arziona ranger/bounty hunter look. Possibly adding a unique decal as well but if its to difficult Ill wait.


I think I got this now though. Thank you guys for the tips and the forums in general! Even if its 20 pages back, I probably saw it and used it to learn from. Spent HOURS last night making frankenstein armors for shits and giggles. Haha.

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Hey Dale do you still check this?


I could use some help getting blender to work. I tried to follow Tammer's guide as well, but couldn't get it to work even when downgrading to 2.49


I've been unemployed for a few weeks and decided to get into modding for to quell my mind, could really use some help

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