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NPCs are depleted. Help Please)

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I apologize for my English.

Probably it has something to do with mods, they are worth a lot, but for a long time, and there was no such problem. I put a couple of new ones, but they are insignificant and their removal + ng does not give anything.

Actually the problem. NPCs disappear/do not appear. At the very beginning, it is noticeable with the Winter. There is no character with whom you can play Gwint (but I don't remember here, maybe you need to play in the tavern for the first time), there is no ambassador of Var Atre, which is already more interesting. Ie, he simply isn't there, there is a clerk in the room, a Thaler and that's it.

Then finish. When approaching the Baron's castle after a conversation at the entrance with the guards, the Sergeant does not appear. I.e., he is there after the end of the cut scene, but instantly disappears, and then he simply does not exist, respectively, the plot is over, the quest does not start with the Baron, because a cut scene is needed when approaching him with a Sergeant.

Maybe someone has encountered something similar, or is there an assumption about what it might be related to?

The only thing that comes to mind so far is some kind of violation in the download scripts, but it's not clear where to dig. I don't want to try to collect a new one. This assembly has been alive for more than one year, it is not easy to repeat it.

I put the version with the updated witcher in parallel, but I made backups of the data in the Documents, it should not affect

From the last one that I put, and the removal of which still does not lead to a correction:

In Player.ws changed two lines //camera.PlayAnimation( animation ) to remove camera shake

Mods: Firm Scabbards, Long Pirouettes, Alternate Jogging Animations

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