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Working on full RTX illumination with zero global light, problem with culling.


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I am working on the exact opposite of a performance mod, am tweaking every aspect of the RTX settings to get as close to full fantasy style (heavy saturation) FULL raytraced night illumination as possible with near zero global light.

I have everything working relatively well with just a few issues to work out on the RTX side, but I have one major issue with the core game rendering.

Does anyone know how to turn off render culling behind the player?

Torches/Fires/excetra light up their immediate area brightly and will visibly cast strong light a reasonable distance (Easily across a whole street) and faint light a *significant* distance away... as an example, the fires on one side of the main canal in Novigrad are clearly casting light on the OTHER side of the canal, will illuminate around corners noticeably, have good color saturation.

Managing to keep above 50fps on a 3090 at 1080p in Novigrad.

My issue is this, the game culls items directly behind the player and out of view, normally this is done to save on performance. The problem is that I *need* those things to stay rendered because I need those objects to both 1. Continue emitting light and 2. Continue to bounce light.

This becomes a nightmare when there is 1 candle lighting a room or 1 torch (making it the sole source of light) and you turn to face away from it and the whole room goes from a moderate orange glow to absolute darkness. Mines/Caves/Dungeons with more than one torch, but spaced out, will significantly change their lighting as random lightsources behind the player are turned off and on as the player looks around and they pass behind the camera.

I don't normally mod Witcher 3 so I have no idea where to even begin to look for the render culling stuff.

Anyone have any ideas?

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