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Mod Request: Wall-run on any wall


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A simple change for walls to all behave like wall-run structures.

Wanna completely get around your enemy FAST while they're slowed? Wall run.


Platform can't be accessed but see a chest on the other side of the bridge? Wall run.


Circular boss arena and you need to get out of the heat ASAP to heal? Wall run to get the heat off your tail.


Previously disconnected island groves? Now connected with wall run.


This request if complete not only will spice up combat, but will make the game more open world and connected as a whole to a default only dreamed of.

May not look it but even though I don't have the tools to mod, I can see a good mechanic, and birth a new cool idea from it previously thought little of or not at all, I'm what some may call a "Studier of Game Sciences", unraveling mechanics and how they could be made even more fun.

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