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Voice Actress looking to lend her voice to Skyrim mods!


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I posted this on Reddit a couple of days ago, but I was also pointed here in the comments, so I figured I'd post here as well for visibility.

Hello! I am a voice actress of two years who is currently looking to lend a voice to any Skyrim (or any Elder Scrolls) projects! Being that Skyrim mods are what largely got me into voice acting in the first place, I figured I'd advertise myself here. I've been cast for a few different projects that range from animations, a podcast, a Skyrim mod that isn't fully released yet, a comic dub, and an audiobook (that may have gotten canceled I think?).

While I always love getting more experience, I'm also looking to expand my portfolio as well, and I'd love to bring my own voice to a community that inspired me to start my voice-acting path!


I'm a North American Female who can do med-high range voices, accents aren't something I've had many experiences with, but I'm always glad to give it a shot and see what I can do, if something is outside my range then I'll let you know. I have a pretty good recording space as well, so any background noises, pops, crackles, or dogs from 3 miles away, should not be heard at all.


I am willing to most work for free as I have a fair amount of free time and Skyrim modding is something I have a passion for, all I'll ask for is proper credit. If it's a huge mod or if it's largely NSFW then I may ask for payment, but I am open to discussion as well.


I'll leave my card link below for extra info and contact details, my demo and other auditions can be found in my CCC profile. I also should have dms open so I can be reached here as well. Thanks for reading!


Card Link: https://kiaradoughertyva.carrd.co/

Demo Reel Link: https://soundcloud.com/user-217708761/kiara-dougherty-video-game-vo-demo/s-zPEFeyuIZIn?si=7f04fdd873194297aad78aeddf31c390&utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing

If this kind of post is not allowed here, apologies as I wasn't sure. I don't usually browse these forums myself.

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Hey Kiara,


The site looks good but I think you need to include more examples and different examples. i did find one you posted but it would be helpful to have many more.


It's like when someone does auditions for voice acting, they usually have a demo reel that shows what they can do.

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All my auditions and my demo reel can be found on the CCC profile below all the text on the site link.

But I will edit in another link directly to my demo reel too.

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