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Trying the well known playstyle, of going with a dwarven themed mechanical build. Here are a list of suggestions for mods to cover it. I’m willing to drop a few bucks over patreon if anyone is willing to tackle some of these.
1 - AETHERIAL STAFF REWORK: Turn the Aetherial Staff into a viable summon option. The idea is GREAT but the execution is poor. Lower the chances for scrap summoning or remove it all together. Add balistas to the summoning options. Create options for summoning 3 spiders instead of just 1. Keep it balanced but make it better as a “fodder” summon tool for mage or range builds. Give it more charges.
2 - ORDINATOR AUTO CANNONS: For the love of GOD can someone please make this things a little more useful. I absolutely love the concept, but the Auto Cannons from ordinator are pretty bad to use. A change to make them Auto Aim, maybe putting an invisible archer or a balista inside of it, instead of making it fire where aimed. Make them permanent, remove the area of effect, make them a separate entity to avoid friendly fire (when you use it close to NPCs, they get mad at you if they get shot).
3 - SPIDER CONTROL ROD: Give this item a useful remake. Found in the Dwemer Museum. Allow it to repair (heal spell) constructs (maybe extend it to atronachs). Maybe give it a permanent spider follower when held, outside of the follower cap, or a guarantee spider summon effect outside of summon cap, so it can be used along the aetherial staff. Another option would be to give it a “control” spell that you can use on Dwemer spiders, that allows you to enthrall them.
4 - DWARVEN CROSSBOW: The dawnguard Enhanced Version is already a great weapon, but when playing modded it becomes obsolete, specially with the new Anniversary variants. Give us a final Late Game balanced option, hard to acquire, dwarven crossbow. Maybe just increase the damage slightly above the daedric one. Maybe make an automatic version (one the works instead of the broken mod on nexus), with low damage and high rate of fire. Maybe give it bonus damage on melee hits.
5 - STEADFAST DWEMER SPHERE: On kagrumez on the Dragonborn DLC you can get a spider and a sphere follower. Both are great but are too weak to be useful. Find a way to buff these followers so that they are viable. A simple idea is to just let us use both at the same time. Make them essential, or give them a buff.Interactions with either the Control Rod or the Aetherial Staff. And one last thing. LOWER THEIR VOLUME. They are incredibly loud, making it impossible to sneak and to play with them if you are bothered by loud clanking sounds.
6 - VISAGE OF MZUND: This isn’t a bad helmet and the effect isn’t bad either. The problem is micromanaging the power during fights since you can only have 1 equiped. Make the power into a passive trigger effect, for when you use a power attack, or even better for when you block, instead of pressing Z. Increase the damage a little bit or just make it into a gravity effect with no damage for crowd control and maybe give it a better unique look.
TLDR: BUILD DESCRIPTION - I would like a modded build where I deploy a line of Auto Turrets, summon weak spider minions, have 1 or 2 stronger ranged or melee Dwemer followers, use a strong crossbow style weapon at a distance. I have both crowd control and support tools. The perfect Mechanist Build.
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