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SkyUI not making any changes to game. No error message.


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I'm really puzzled. I have SKSE installed, and i know it's the right version as I've checked multiple times, and i typed the get version number console command and got a response. For some reason SkyUI just doesn't make any changes to my game, despite it being enabled in Vortex. I go into my game and MCM doesn't show up in the menu and my inventory still looks like the vanilla inventory. I have no idea what to do.


Here's my load order: https://pastebin.com/2WZwq5Pe


I'm totally stumped.


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SkyUI_SE.esp doesn't have a mod index number in that image. Which means it's not active.


Have you been using the in-game mod menu?


Try looking for the patch for Sky UI that adds Skyrim.esm as a master.

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