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Mod request: Permenance upgrades (Scrolls, ascensions, +1 to max skill tree, soul shard shop)


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An request to overhaul the hub area as well as character growth if you choose to take the same hero into the run.


- If you have any scrolls on you they'll be carried into the next campaign / DLC campaign only if you've beaten the final boss of the campaign or DLC campaign.

- Your ascensions will be kept when you next enter an campaign / DLC campaign only if you've beaten the final boss of the campaign or DLC campaign.

- When you beat a campaigns final boss all Talent Tree options that have maxed out will have their max cap increased by +1 at the cost of %+1 (within reason of max currency limit) to the cost of soul shards.

- Soul Shard Shop:

"Got way too many soul shards inflating your heroes wallet? The hub will now have a soul shard shop to increase your stats!"

2,500 - Go into next campaign with your upgraded and inscribed weapons from your previous run, such as your shock sword LV +50.

250 - upgrade any of these stats by %2.2 which will be permanently applied to your hero. Ran by Bunnygals mother (Need Bun Hero To Unlock)

Rate Of Fire %

Damage %

Crit chance %

Crit Damage %

Crit-X up %

Elemental effect damage %

Elemental Chance %

Max secondary Skill Uses %

Max Primary Skill Use %

Primary Skill Recharge %

Max Ammo %

Ammo Regen Rate %

CQC Damage Up (within 7m) %

LRC Damage Up (At / beyond 8m) %

Coppers from enemy Drop %

Weapon Drop from enemy %

Primary Skill Damage %

Primary Skill Crit Chance %

Secondary Skill Crit Damage %

Secondary Skill Crit Chance %

Secondary Skill Damage %

Secondary Skill Range %

Secondary Skill Chain / AOE %

Recoil Modifier; Down % (Limited to %100)

Scroll effects + %

Cursed scroll effects - % (Can go past %100, at %101 or higher, negative effects become positives!)

Movement speed %

Dash uses %

Extra Jumps %

Extra Shots %

Extra Shot Chance %

Respec stats (Refunds %25 of soul shards, the higher the stats the lower the refund % until refund turns into a %1 refund, sets bonus stats back to 0)

Note: Stat maximums (Not including recoil modifier) max out at %9999.99


Elemental Inscribes; can stack on same weapon:

Inscribe fire on weapon - 1,000 soul shards

Inscribe Corrosion On Weapon - 1,000 Soul Shards

Inscribe Shock On Weapon - 1,000 soul shards.

Respec Elemental Inscribes - Refunds %10 of soul shards of all spent, returns them to natural element


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