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[LE] Mod Request(s): Scrapped Spells Pack and Scrapped Shouts Pack


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I hope this mod request is actually pretty simple. In fact it can either be one mod, two separate mods or both.


It's very simple: Skyrim has a lot of scrapped Spells and Dragon Shouts that are still complete and in the files, therefor can be obtained via console commands. This/These mod(s) would add all of those Shouts and Spells into the vanilla game and make them obtainable in some way or another. Though how they could be obtained might require some thinking, or at least the Shouts do.


How the scrapped Spells would to obtained is quite easy. Of course, depending of what the Spells-in-question such as Fade Other are, they'd be obtainable through sources such as the College of Winterhold or Court Wizards like Farengar Secret-Fire.


The Shouts, however, are a bit of a different story, aren't they...? I don't know if there's any unused dialogue that can be used or something but the best idea I could come up with so far was the Dragonborn obtaining the scrapped Shouts by being pointed to an original or already existing Greybeard who resides elsewhere on the Throat of the World or the sanctum, who will teach you them after you defeat Alduin, but you'd have to wait some time in between lessons. Either that, or you'd meet him in Solstheim if you have the Dragonborn DLC, perhaps in a shack, perhaps studying Miraak and the Dragon activity on the island.

Those are just some slung ideas. Maybe it'd be better to just lay some hidden Dovahzuls carvings/writings about or on some hidden books for the Dragonborn to find and read. Again, just ideas, we wouldn't wanna turn such a simple-sounding mod into something needlessly hard or complex.

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