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Need playtesters, Feedback, and Veterans Knowledge

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Hey all, TalonTarp here. I recently put out a controller setup mod and am in need of some playtesters, feedback, & knowledge from some of the OG players to ensure the controller layout has everything you need to play this in a more modern control scheme. Currently I'm working on adding the debug cam to the controls comfortably with 1 layer of buttons being used for moving your character around and setting things up with a 2nd layer that sets camera waypoints and plays through them to create your own custom cutscene's for memes and the like without having to go into the files and stitch the waypoints together through coding like you do if you want to add them to the game itself. My hope is that the ease of use will draw more players/mod makers into the game and maybe even inspire 1 or 2 coders to make some of their cutscenes scripted parts of the game as mods. I don't really have any problems fitting more keys at the moment so if anyone knows of hidden shortcuts or commands that aren't commonly listed that I could add into the layout please share. This game is a part of my childhood and I want to make it better anyway I can :smile:

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