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Help! Moving moves bones (rig) or moving the model?


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Hello fellas!

I'm trying to create my first mod, which will add different "armor" to the game. These armors will be replacement models from other games like LoL (I know it's not the best way to make armor, but I'm a noob in 3D modeling and even more so in creating mods).
The problem in this, I suppose, is that the model is already created and has a "pose", I have imported the skeleton of the base male figure (Skyrim SE) and as you can see in the image, it doesn't match that model. In these cases, is it better to move the skeleton and fit it to the 3D model, leave it as it is, try to move the model and fit it?
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Thanks for the advice! I'm making progress... The hard part after that will be implementing it in the game. NifSkope scares me out... I hope to find some tutorial or someone who can explain it to me hahaha


Always move the model to fit the skeleton.

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