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Aard Knockdown mechanics


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Hi, I've been trying to fully work out the system that determines the effect of Aard on a monster/npc. The file KnockdownTypeApplicator.ws has been of most interest to me as there is a series of statements in there that seems to set the knockdown type based on a calculated value called 'aardPower'.


I have 2 main questions that I'm still yet to get an answer to though.


1:) When playing the game the outcome of aard on a monster can vary from one cast to another. Sometimes you'll stagger a ghoul, cast it again and you might do a light knocldown. This leads me to believe there's some dice rolling in the background. However the formula for working out 'aard power' has no rng involved. The terms used in the 'aard power' formula therefore must have had the rng applied to them beforehand. Anyone know if this is true and if so do you know where this randomness is performed?


2:) The formula for working out 'aard power' is 'aardPower = effectValue.valueMultiplicative * ( 1 - resistance ) / (1 + effectValue.valueAdditive/100);' Does anyone know what the 2 effectValue sub fields are and how they are determined?


Many thanks in advance for anyone who can help shed some light on this for me!

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