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It's 2023!


What's the best way to update mods on The Witcher 3, without breaking your scripts and the game?

I recently updated like 10 mods and literally bricked everything and had to reinstall fresh (probably because I'm a filthy casual).

How can we avoid this going forward.




I do use Vortex (i know its trash), but generally, I follow the instructions on each mod to ensure a clean install.

The problem I ran into is after updating each mod, the scripts got all messed up and when using Script Merger,

I caught multiple exceptions and the game would no longer start up. The initial error was that there was an unexpected '}' character in a certain script.


Thanks for any elpers!

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But on this topic. I have to admit I'm a bit annoyed with all of the 4.01 updates. I'm a bit unclear how necessary it was to update most of these mods for 4.01. As a majority of my mods were working fine as is. And so many have updated to 4.01 and Its getting tedious rebuilding my playerinput.ws and playerwitcher.ws for every update.

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