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Change Oblivions way to calculate damage


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Dear community!


I don't mean a modification, which changes the damage-formula. Such a mod already exists. One must simply edit the script to ones liking and that's it.

I mean something different:


Is it possible to tell Oblivion (via xOBSE e.g.) to use skilllevels above 100 for the damage calculation?


The UESP says, that Oblivion only counts them until they reach 100, but if you play like me with Ultimate Leveling one is not satisfied with this calculation.

I also thought about decreasing leveling speed / attribute / skills points per level, but I don't want to have Lvl 20 stats when I'm already Lvl 40, or play forever with low-level equipment, because I will never reach Lvl 50, because it takes so long. I am satisfied with my actual leveling speed and game difficulty as it is. I only want to gain more power on higher levels without using godlike poisons or enchantments/conduits. I want my weapons to do the damage by leveling my skills to 200 (253 is the engines cap, as far as I remember).

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