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Please Make Stealth More Realistic


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  • Have you ever rolled up to an NCPD scanner hustle, gig, drove right past the enemies in clear view. You then crash into a pole, knock down a couple of lights; a huge ruckus.


  • But, Maelstrom doesn't care how expensive their full-face optics were, they just choose not to see you beyond 20 feet away crouched in broad daylight.


  • Knock over a glass because you stood to close to a box and the game said "he/she must be attempting to climb this box" ?


  • NO PROBLEM the NPCs don't consider glass breaking by tripping something worth inspecting, unless you shoot it.


  • Corner an enemy from a distance in stealth, fired that kill shot and oops; it only did 8% of his health because this is City Center and you're level 12!


  • Better shoot him again. And again. Oh, he's just standing there? *again*


  • Shouldn't he be running for cover, or just running away from this area? Shot from complete stealth, and his only reaction is to stand still and eat bullets.


  • Run, hide, duck, flee, do something.


  • Unplug some Security Cams perhaps; and an NPC walking right by it doesn't notice the motionless security cam, and some dangling cables?


  • Disable all security cams with the Daemon, or even disabling them one after another with your cyberdeck?


  • Not to worry! Their Security HQ doesn't find it alarming that every security cam is shut off.


I catch myself accommodating for sound reverberation for my own immersion, not that it matters to the NPCs. It's trivial after level 25 with active camo and a Legendary Sandevistan.

If anyone is an expert in tweaking the functionality, detection range, or behaviors of NPCs in general, I'd like to hear what you imagine the amount of time it would take to create this would be.

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