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Fusion Girl Body: Blood Decals Fix?

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I was wondering if anyone could create a mod for the Fusion Girl Body that fixes blood decals on the body? For years the blood and gore has looked horrendous and sometimes looked triangle shaped? Blood textures on the face are terrible too! :sick:


I think the mod should also be compatible with Hi-Poly Faces and Expressive Expressions? :laugh:

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Did you ask the mod creator? (that should always be your first stop)

If you did, but he/she won't do it, did you ask for and get permission?


Without the latter, nothing can be done about it.


(& I could possibly look at those blood textures (although I don't (yet) have the Fusion Girl Body mod) to see if I can fix those for you (IF permission was granted) but bodies & clothing is something I haven't touched much yet, so can't help you with the compatibility)

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