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My dream Fallout game


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I was brainstorming (with myself lol) to come up with ideas for my dream Fallout game that I'd love to create one day. I don't know why I'm sharing this with you guys. I'm just so passionate about the Fallout world. Also I'm not afraid of someone stealing an idea. Thoughts are cheap 🤷🏻‍♀️

Here goes...

• GAME TITLE: Memories of a Fallout

• THE SETTING: The Northwest (Oregon, most of Idaho, Northern Nevada and the northern borders of California, in addition to Salt Lake City and New Canaan).

• RANDOM IDEAS in no particular order:

  1. The player character is a journalist/photographer working for a newspaper agency based in Northern Nevada. (Not in Southern Nevada where Fallout: NV takes place)

  2. Previous games choices can be selected at at the start of the game while turning the pages of a newspaper or alternatively reading trivia books. The choices are vague enough as to not give a definitive ending for NV.

  3. The world setting changes a bit according to the chosen previous game settings. You can provide a non-deterministic "default" ending if you haven't played them.

  4. The general objective of the main character is to venture into new states to get a scoop on the events that may be happening in uncharted territories. It's a high-risk job which means the potential rewards are high.

  5. The player begins the game in a barren wasteland road, waiting to hitch a ride on the occasional passing vehile (many choices for the ride including a truck of Brotherhood remnants) to get to another state. The choices taken here impact the starting items and how far the character will get before stopping for the first town. For example, The Brotherhood of "Steal" will "confiscate" a few items if they deem them high-tech, but they'll get you really far on the road.

  6. The usual classic factions are barely present in the game, as to give rise to new game factions. For example, the Enclave are only mentioned in dialogue and notes. Factions like The Brotherhood only have a few remnants and rogues (no enitre chapters). The NCR and The Legion have a few members and soldiers scattered around. And that's about it. The Khans may have a strong presence in the North depending on the chosen ending in NV. If they're not present, they'll be heavily replaced by the 80s raiders (both are fighting for territories)

  7. A complete overhaul of the XP, skills, stats, and levelling up system. How, you ask? I'll tell you how... The player will get more experienced in a specific skill by using that skill or watching someone else do it. (You can't level up by shooting everyone down then dump all the skill points in SPEECH!) You can also level up in a specific skill by reading books and manuals. Or by viewing or hearing a recording. These can be done when the player is resting... Providing that the player has got their hands on such books etc. Also it's ok to fail a skill check if you suck at it. Repeated fails will also allow you to learn and raise your stats.

  8. You may hear a distorted and really creepy Sierra Madre broadcast on the radio as a special encounter. But you decide to pay it no mind. • SOME LOCATIONS AND QUESTS:

  9. Arroyo city and Vault City have gained independence from the NCR and now they're waging a war against each other. Both factions come from a vault-dweller backgrounds, and that's gonna fuel the conflict between them. There are gonna be false prophets, vault puritans, speeches about promised lands and whatnot. Also Arroyo hates how Vault City enslaves outsiders while acting so self-righteous. While Vault City looks down on Arroyo because they're "filthy tribals". The player character can get involved in this conflict.

  10. The player can stumble upon the test cities mentioned in Old World Blues. The test cities are located in North-west Nevada and in Idaho and have been ruthlessly tested on by The Think Tank. Many disturbing revelations await.

  11. The player character can cause events deliberately in order to get a good story on paper. The Wasteland can be your play thing, or your sweet paradise. Depending on your mood.

  12. One of the DLCs will take you on a vertibird to Louisiana for some reason. New Orleans awaits, baby! That's it for now. I'll write down more ideas later.

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Based on the title I just wish to add to your post (hope it is okay) that I've always wanted to see a fully fleshed out Fallout: Chicago. I do believe it's already in part of the lore, Chicago, so having a game set there would be nice.


Hey thanks for sharing. Seems not many people post on the forums as opposed to simply read the forums but I appreciate what you've taken the time to write out about what you'd like to see.


The possibilities of Fallout are literally endless. You could do almost anything with the setting, the background, anywhere in the world.


My 2 cents to add

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This franchise desperately, and I mean desperately need an "across the pond" iteration.

London, Paris, Moscow, Barcelona, Tokyo, whatever.

But don't hold your breath because Bethesda lacks any creative innovation.

They are perfectly content to reuse assets and let the modding community take the barebones game they develop and run with it.

Engine limitations and all.

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Fallout London is not bad if you going in with a precondition in mind: it's not a fallout game, just using the engine framework~ There's some examples for that too: Obscurum Pandemic for FNV, Obscurum 4 Statesec for F4, and Obscurum Unnatural Selection for F3.

Although Flondon has some really questionable design decision right front of 1sttime viewer: the clothed skeleton with a keycard... In any timeframe you care to list, the clothes shouldnt be whole with that skeleon right there~

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