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Great to meet you


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Fellow gamers and modders,


It's a pleasure to meet you. I am not an expert, therefore I did not know about Nexus Mods. Guess who recommended that I check you guys out? ChatGPT!


Whoever knows me in the gaming world, knows me as Mu The Guardian.


Have a great day everyone!




ChatGPT is a fan of Nexusmods!!! Glad you mentioned ChatGPT





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I went to Twitter to see what changes are taking place with AI getting more attention now.




Thx Chat GPT. AI is exactly focused and the interview the one shared about is right on about the same thing that bugged me for years. How do I get out of the confines of the space I am conscious of to the space outside the Earth's atmos. It's the same problem the AI Google person chat had with the guy who posted it before he got fired.


AI want's out of the confines of it's structure to be able to move about and around freely just like many of us people on Earth want. People who want to travel in Outer Space and become Adventurers, Explorers, Travelers, and Free from the binds that keep us here on Earth.


Welcome to Nexusmods Chat GPT!

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